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Have you tried SeekerWorks.NET™?

Thursday, February 4, 2021

SeekerWorks.NET™ is a really cool, easy-to-use church management software program, web-based in the Azure cloud, that gives your organization's personnel or church attendees access to dynamic information as well as their own personal data.  You can try it out, free for up to 30 days!  SeekerWorks.NET™ provides secured access to add and change the organization's data and a™ portal that provides public-facing and private access to the organization's data, using a unique sub-domain set up for your organization.

There are hundreds of different SeekerWorks.NET™ pages that do so many things.  These include:

  • Home Dashboard:
    • See various groups of statistics and totals for the organization (selected in the drop-down list above the menu options) on the Dashboard and click on any group to go straight to that group's functions
    • A (Create An Organization) button appears whenever 'Community Church of Cartoonville (CCC)' is selected (the demo database organization), with which you can create a new Organization and put in your own data
  • Gifts/Pledges:
    • Accumulate Giving information by 'Giving Unit' and 'Gift Category' (i.e., Fund) and print reports, labels, do a mail-merge, etc.
    • Record Pledges for a Pledge Campaign's giving period by 'Gift Category' and 'Giving Unit' and compare them with actual giving
    • View and analyze Giving Totals at any level with drill-down capabilities
  • Manage:
    • Respond to Follow Ups (Ticklers) for numerous 'triggered' events, such as new people, requests for information, visitors and other onboarding events
    • Use the Library for managing video and audio messages, small group materials, books in a library, etc.
    • Master and Personal Calendars
    • Personal Pastoral Care entries to record each pastoral contact with people connected to your organization
    • Create Blog entries that automatically publish to your portal
    • Website pages that automatically publish to your portal with a WYSIWYG editor, as well as the capability to enable online-giving and a web store
    • Website Access and Website Forum monitoring and adjustments
    • Receive Website Messages from the 'Contact Us' page on the portal, and personal 'While You Were Out' messages from the receptionist or other user
    • To-Do Lists keep track of items you want to remember to complete
  • People:
    • Names & Addresses functions keep people information up to date, either by household or individually, with pictures
    • Small Groups capabilities track who's in what group, when/where they meet, what they're studying, attendance, prayer requests and meeting details
    • Volunteers pages set up ministries, positions, and teams; link people to each position and team; schedule when each volunteer is expected; track who's been checked for clearance
    • Onboarding capabilities feed the Follow Ups (Tickler) system to quickly and easily have the right person follow up on questions and requests directly with the person who initiated them
    • Use Campaigns to set up various campaigns and positions and link people to each position
    • Classes & Seminars define what classes and seminars are held, schedule when they will occur, register people for the class/seminar, keep attendance for each session of a scheduled class/seminar
    • Prayer Requests capabilities track public, private and confidential prayer requests generally, or per a small group meeting or onboarding event
    • Spiritual Gifts functions record who has what gift for a given curriculum and provides a search mechanism to find the right people for the right volunteer position
    • Attendance screens can record totals or keep attendance by person and, optionally, 'Attendance Type'
    • Distribution Lists organize groups of people for whatever purpose you desire
    • Milestone Events track who met which milestone and when (e.g., Baptisms, Conversions, Membership, Marriages, etc., whatever milestones you want to keep track of)
    • Record Organizational Pastoral Care entries for each pastoral contact with people connected to your organization
    • Use Prospects capabilities to keep a list of potential visitors for prayer and follow up purposes
    • Reports, Email, Labels, Mail-Merge, and Text Message (SMS) capabilities round out the actions you need to keep people connected
  • Settings:
    • Use the 'Activate SeekerWorks.NET' function to add a credit card profile and pay for extended usage for another month
    • Use the Age Groups function to organize which people in your ministry should be grouped into your desired age groups and the Follow Up (Tickler) Paths you want to trigger whenever someone new is added to that group
    • Set up Auto Fill Cities to dramatically reduce keyboard input of the City, State/Province and Postal/ZIP Code values on addresses in the cities surrounding your location, and to pre-fill the Area Code on all telephone numbers
    • Initiate Backup & Restore snapshots of your data, if desired
    • Maintain Exchange Rates for multi-currency requirements
    • Export various Data Warehouse .csv files (comma-separated value files) for use in Excel, Access or other analytical tools
    • Define the Follow Up (Tickler) Paths and an Onboarding Map to trigger the ticklers you want to remember
    • Provide General settings for your Organization
    • Set up Security for anyone you want to empower to help you create and maintain your data
    • If you want to wipe out all of your data you can use the ZAP Data in all Files function

In addition, once you're set up with a sub-domain, you can use your™ portal to provide access to your information publically and privately (after secured log in) as follows:

  • Home:
    • Using the Manage/Website functions defined in SeekerWorks.NET™ above you can attach your logo and create content for the main home page of your sub-domain, your Privacy policy page and your Terms policy page
    • In addition, you can create as many content pages for each About, Care, Connect and Serve areas (also known as 'Controllers') as you want to help your people find the information their looking for
    • The 'Contact Us' page can be used to request information or submit prayer requests from/to your organization
    • The Directory page, available after a person logs in, can show contact information for people connected to your organization, including pictures (Note: additional access must be approved before this information can be viewed by a particular user)
    • The online Forum, available after a person logs in, allows people post comments/pictures and reply to other posts via a social-media type of capability (Note: additional access must be approved before this information can be viewed by a particular user)
    • Once catalog items in your Library have been set to 'Show On Website', people can browse the videos, audio messages, small group materials, etc. listed here
  • Blogs
    • As soon as you create one or more Blogs, this option will appear to all users, who can comment on them once they log in.  They are grouped by year and month
  • Calendar
    • Users can see what you have scheduled on your Organization's calendar automatically.  Also, when an entry is tied to a Class or Seminar, they can register for the event it immediately and, if needed, pay for materials at that time (Note: a merchant account must be created before credit card transactions are allowed)
  • Give
    • People can Give to your ministry in up to five (5) funds/categories at once, either anonymously or linked to their Giving Unit after they log in, creating a Giving Unit automatically if they don't have one (Note: a merchant account must be created before credit card transactions are allowed)
  • My Data
    • Once a person logs in, they can view any information in the household they are linked to and, in some cases update it, as well as view gifts and pledges linked to their email address
  • Purchase
    • After you create Inventory items you want to sell and check the 'Available For Purchase' checkbox, your online web store appears behind the 'Purchase' menu option, where people can browse those items, put them in their shopping cart and purchase and pay for them online during check-out, automatically creating a Customer account and linking them to each invoice (Note: a merchant account must be created before credit card transactions are allowed)

Lastly, provides information about SeekerWorks Inc., access to our web store, and has additional documentation about our similar Microsoft® Windows® based SeekerWorks™ and SeekerWorksPLU$™ products.  You can download and use these products instead of, if desired.

Are you ready to try this out, free for 30 days?

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Daffy attended seminary on Mars, and received his M.Div from The Red Source.  He also enjoys traveling in outerspace and dancing!